Report on Attributes by Template

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Report on Attributes by Template

The values of attributes of a single block can be extracted to a Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (DOC) file, which allows to include any elements to a report. The report is generated by template which is preliminarily created by the user in the *.doc format. YOu can select the necessary block for extracting the attributes data in the dialog box Report on Attributes.


Creating a Report

1.Select Advanced > Report on Attributes.

2.In the dialog box Report on Attributes select the block the attribute values of which you wish to extract to an external file.

3.Click right and select Create report by template in the context menu.

4.Specify the path to the template in the dialog box that has appeared and select [Open].

5.Select the application in which the created document will be opened in the new dialog box and click on [Ok].

6.A textual document with the name Document1 will be created. It contains the same design elements as the template but in the specified place the extracted attribute data have been added. Save the report.


Creating a Template

A template is a textual Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (DOC) document which contains the structure of the future report. Using the *.doc format allows to include any elements (tables, diagrams, pictures) to the template.

Every attribute has a tag and a text. The tag is given when an attribute definition is created and can't be changed. Attribute text can contain any symbols or be a blank line. The attribute is connected with the template by means of the attribute tag. In the template text you need to write the attribute tag in programmatic qoutes in the place where the attribute value must be extracted. For example,

Apartment number %%number%%.

In this example the attribute name in the programmatic quotes is the text in bold (%%number%%). While export the attribute name in the programmatic quotes is changed into a corresponding attribute value of the selected block. It is not important to match case but you must be attentive to write the attribute tag. The text in the template must coincide with that in the drawing.


The dialog box Report on attributes.

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