External Reference

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External Reference

In CADEditorX it possible to add a raster or a vector file to the drawing as an external reference. External references serve to make a connection with the current drawing and the inserted file. Thus, the file size doesn't change a lot as not the file itself is added to the drawing but only a link to it. Every drawing can contain several external links.

It isn't possible to edit the external file in the current drawing. All the changes are performed in the source file and will be reflected in the current drawing after reloading it. It is also impossible to divide the drawing into separate objects with the help of the command Explode. When deleting an external reference from the drawing it is not deletes completely, for example layers and styles stay in the drawing. To delete the external reference completely take use of the command Purge.

To add a file as an external reference to the drawing two commands - Merge and Image are used. They call the corresponding dialog boxes.


The user can merge two or more CAD format files.


There is a possibility to insert a raster image into the drawing.

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