Attribute Definition

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Attribute Definition

Various textual information which is used to characterize the block image like the cost or some other parameters can be connected with a block. Such information is added as an attribute which will be connected with a block when it is created. Several attributes can be connected with one block. Every attribute has a name which is not necessarily unique. Attributes can be hidden, it means that the attribute information is storted in the file and is not displayed on the screen.

Creating an attribute definition

To connect an attribute with a block you should first create an attribute definition and after that create a block definition which must include the attribute definition.

Editing block attributes

The values of block attributes can be edited in the Properties panel when a block reference is selected. To delete or add an attribute the dialog box "Edit attribs" is used.

Dialog Report on Attributes.

If the drawing has block references and attributes connected with them, it is possible to extract these data and add to the drawing as a table or save to external file of *.xls, /.rtf or /-*. dxf formats. These operations can be fulfilled in the dialog box Report on Attributes.

Report on Attribues by Template.

It is possible to extract attributes to an external Microsoft Word (DOC)document. This option requires a template that was preliminarily created. The templates can contain different kinds of design as the data is extracted to a *.doc file.

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