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CADEditorX offers to edit CAD files and create new ones. The instruments of selection, drawing and editing the entities are on the tab Editor. In this chapter we will dwell upon the tools for creating and editing drawings.

Creating a New File

File Templates

gives info on file templates that can be used to create new files. Templates store custom settings and objects that can be passed to a new file.

Element Selection

explains how to select an element and helps to easily and conveniently select several elements at a time.

Entity Properties

dwells upon the entity properties, the usage of the properties panel, work with layers and the tool match properties.

Drawing Aids

gives information on the dynamic input and additional modes: snap, ortho, grid and polar tracking. These modes allow drawing strictly horizontal or vertical lines, showing grid, snapping on certain points of the drawing and creating and moving entities with precise angle affixment.

Drawing Tools

describes the instruments used for adding new entities and the procedure of creation of every element.

Modifying Instruments

dwells upon the instruments for editing the earlier created entities.

Work with Blocks

gives the notion of a block, describes the main operations with blocks (creating, editing, pasting) and working with attribute definitions.

External References

deals with adding an image and merging several CAD format files.

Display Order

changing the order of display of the selected objects.


gives advice on using the instrument helping to clear a drawing of unnecessary data that are not used but are nevertheless stored in the drawing.

Command Line

calls the Command Line, is used to enter commands.

Compare Files

comparison of two files by content

Set Geo Coordinates

changing the order of display of the selected objects

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