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Print Preview

Quick Access Panel:

Ribbon: Output -> Print… -> Print preview

Menu: File -> Print… -> Print preview

Hotkey: Ctrl+P





The Print preview dialog box consists of the preview area and the print settings area. It has two tabs: Plot settings and CAD Image.

The Plot settings tab allows selecting the needed parameters for plotting the current drawing.



The section is used to select the plot device and the output paper size.


Drawing orientation

The section enables the choice of the paper orientation:

Portrait - orients and plots the drawing so that the short edge of the paper represents the top of the page.

Landscape - orients and plots the drawing so that the long edge of the paper represents the top of the page.


Plot Scale

The section allows selecting the needed scale and setting a custom scale factor. The scale option defines the exact line length on the paper sheet and the one in drawing units ration. This correlation is expressed by the following formula: X = Y, where X – is one millimeter (or inch) of a sheet, Y – drawing units. Thus, Scale factor: 1:2 means that 1 sheet millimeter will contain two drawing points.

The Fit to paper option plots the layout into one sheet.


Plot area

The section is used to select the area to be plotted. The following options are available:

Extents plots the part of the drawing that contains entities.

Layout plots the whole layout with the origin 0,0 in the drawing

Window plots the selected by the window area

Display plots the current displayed area



The setting allows specifying the offset coordinates.

If the option "Center the plot" is checked, the image will be located in the center of the paper.


Restore Settings

The button [Default] sets all the parameters as default ones.

The CAD Image tab sets the CAD files display when plotting. It is possible to specify the line weight, color mode, texts and dimensions display in the drawing when plotting. These settings do not influence the drawing file, but its output settings.

CAD image0027


Width of zero-width lines

Specifies the width of the lines, which have a width equal to zero, in chosen units (inches or millimeters) for printing. All entities with null-width will be printed with the width equal to the entered value.

Print lines weight

If the option is checked all the entities with null (zero) width will be printed with the width equal to the one entered in the edit box Width of null-width lines, and all the entities with zero-width will be printed with the width of 1 pixel.

Apply scale to lines weight

Use this property to scale lines weight according to the drawing's Scale factor.

Print with colors

Displays the drawing (image) in the color or black-and-white mode.

Note: use black-and-white mode for printing if you use black-and-white printer and want to have all the lines with the same weight and intensity.

Print dimensions

Allows printing dimension entities if they exist.

Print texts

Allows printing text entities if they exist.

Edit layers – calls the Layers dialog.


Set line weight by color

In CAD color system each color is identified by an AutoCAD Color Index (ACI) number, an integer from 1 to 255. Standard color names are available only for colors 1 to 7. These colors are names in the following way: 1 Red, 2 Yellow, 3 Green, 4 Cyan, 5 Blue, 6 Magenta, 7 White/Black.

This option allows manual definition of the line weight according to its color.

Press Save... button to save already made settings.

Press Load... button to load previously saved settings (file with CWS extension).


The Apply to Layout button applies the settings to the current layout

The Print button plots the layout.

The Close button closes the dialog box.




If the Show stamp option is active, the file name, layout name, current date and time are printed in the upper part of the drawing.



Multipage Printing

Batch Print

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