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The Dimension button allows drawing a dimension.

Quick Access Panel: Ico_Dimension

Ribbon: Editor -> Text -> Dimension

Menu: Draw -> Dimension


To add a dimension

1.Click on the button Ico_Dimension.

2.Click once to specify the first point of the entity (Snap mode  is available) or enter the coordinates in the the dynamic input window.

3.Specify the second point.  

4.Move the mouse to create the extension lines and the dimension line itself. At this point you can specify the length of the extension lines by entering the necessary value from the keyboard in the dynamic input window.

5.Click to fix the position of the extension and dimension lines in the drawing.  


A dimension has a set of properties which can be viewed and edited in the Properties panel:




Defines the color of the dimension.


Defines the layer which the dimension belongs to. The property contains a list of all available in the drawing layers and allows to move the dimension to another layer.


Defines the dimension style of the dimension. Dimension styles allow to apply a constant set of needed properties to a dimension.

Measurements scale

Defines the scale parameter for linear dimensions. It is not recommended to change value by default - 1.000. For instance: if this parameter is 2, then dimension 1mm will be viewed as 2mm.


Defines the number of characters after the comma.

Text Color

Defines the dimension text color.

Text Height

Defines the dimension text height.

Text Rotation

Defines the dimension's rotation angle.

Text Override

Allows redefining the dimension text and adding special characters (press btn_Dots button on the right):


Text pos vert

Defines the placement of the dimension text against the dimension line.  

hmtoggle_plus1        Vertical alignment:

Text Inside Align

Defines the text alignment along the dimension lines

Text Offset

Defines the dimension text offset.

Arrow size

Defines the size of the dimension arrows.

Arrow 1, 2

Defines the view of dimension arrows 1 and 2.

Dimension Line Color

Defines the color of the dimension lines.

Extension Line Color

Defines the color of the extension lines.

Extension Line 1, 2

Switches extension lines 1 and 2 on or off.  

Extension Line Extension

Defines the length of extension lines.  

Extension Line Offset

Defines the space between the extension lines and the measured object.  

Dimension Line 1, 2

Switches dimension lines 1, 2 on or off.

Control Point

Contains control point coordinates.  

Base Point 1, 2

Contains base points 1 and 2 coordinates.

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