Multiline Text

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Multiline Text

The Multiline text button allows to create a string of multiline text in the drawing.

Quick Access Panel: ico_text multiline

Ribbon: Editor -> Text -> Multiline text

Menu: Draw -> Multiline text


To add a multiline text:

1. Click on the button ico_text multiline .

2. Click over the drawing to set the first point of the rectangle that will contain the text or enter the coordinates via the dynamic input.  

3. Drag the pointer to define the width of the text string or use the dynamic input:

clip0128 - the text line will be limited by the left and the right sides of the rectangle. In the end when you've entered the text and adjusted the settings the result will be approximately like this:
clip0129 - the rectangle will not be visible.

4. Click to finish the rectangle. The text formatting dialog will arise. Adjust the necessary setting:


oFont name

oFont height

oText style: Bold, Italic and Underlined

oico_Symbol - allows entering special symbols (see below)

oText alignment: Right Justification, Center Justification and Left Justification  

oReverses last action

oSet text color:

By Layer - text assumes the color assigned to the layer on which the text was created

By Block - text assumes the color of the block which this text belongs to

Select color... - calls the Select Color dialog box

Set the necessary indent parameters:


oFirst Line


Right mouse click over the Text Editor window, the following popup window will arise:


oSelect Symbol submenu item if it is necessary to enter a special symbol:


Selecting Charmap submenu item calls standard Windows application Character Map:


Press btn_Text_OK when done. Please note that after you've finished the text it is possible to correct its properties via the Properties Panel.



Word wrap - moves carriage to a new line when achieving right edge of the text field.

Alpha blend - sets transparency for the text Editor window.

Store Editor Position - defines a placement for the Editor window for the future calls. Editor window stores its last placement and size when this parameter is checked.

oCharacter set:


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