Device Settings

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Device Settings

The Device settings tab includes settings of the output device, sets paper orientation and format, size of the output drawing and switches on/off nonprinting areas.



Displays the current printer, paper format and the port to which it is connected or its network location. Button Settings... calls a standard Print Setup dialog window.

Paper orientation

Paper orientation can be

Portrait - orients and plots the drawing so that the short edge of the paper represents the top of the page.

Landscape - orients and plots the drawing so that the long edge of the paper represents the top of the page.

Fit to paper - draws files within current number of sheets.

Scale factor - allows defining exact correspondence between a line length on the paper sheet (in millimeters or in inches) and its length in drawing units. This correlation is expressed by the following formula: X = Y, where X – is one millimeter (or inch) of a sheet, Y – drawing units. Thus Scale factor: 1:2 means that 1 sheet millimeter will contain two drawing points.

The most recently used standard scales are displayed in the following drop down list:


The additional drop down list is available when Hewlett-Packard HPGL file is loaded only:



Predefined format

You can select any one of the standard formats (DIN: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) or input a new size of the drawing (image).

Edit formats - calls Formats dialog box.

hmtoggle_plus1        Formats



If the Show stamp option is active, the file name, layout name, current date and time are printed in the upper part of the drawing.

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