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Text characters type face is defined by fonts and design effects that are set by the text style. CADEditorX allows using TrueType (TTF) fonts and vector SHX fonts. The *.ttf  fonts are available in the program after they are installed in Windows. It is necessary to specify the search path for SHX fonts in Options. After it SHX fonts files will be available for the program.

If the font used in the current drawing is absent, it is automatically changed to an alternative font that is specified in the settings. The default alternative font for regular SHX fonts is simplex.shx while for big SHX fonts (for Asian characters) the default one is bigfont.shx.

To add text and configure settings of its visual representation the following commands are used in the program:

Multiline Text

Creates multiline texts representation of which may not be affected by the text style.

Single Line Text

Creates single-line texts.

Text Styles

The Text Style dialog box is used to create, edit and delete the text styles. The text style sets font, type face, height and other parameters of text representation.

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