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Ribbon: Editor -> Snap -> Tracking


Tracking lines help to place objects relative to other elements. Tracking mode is a part of snap and works together with it.


How to Use Tracking


Set an orange marker that looks like a small plus sign (+) on the entity that will be the base element for tracking with the help of snap modes. After the alignment point acquisition ( setting the tracking marker) vertical and horizontal tracking lines passing through this point appear. When the cursor is placed away from the tracking lines they disappear, but the marker stays. When creating and editing entities it is possible to snap to tracking lines and their intersections.


By default alignment points are acquired automatically when pointing the cursor at the object. While working with a drawing containing a lot of objects it is recommended to change this setting so that the alignment points are acquired with the key Shift pressed. To remove the tracking marker point the mouse cursor at it and hold it a little in this position. To remove all the set markers it is sufficient to change the scale, for example, by turning the mouse wheel.

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