Drawing Aids

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Drawing Aids

This chapter includes the topics connected with the additional modes and the means of data input that increase the efficiency of drawing. They secure precision of drawing, allow to set the sizes and coordinates of the created objects, include additional grid lines.

Dynamic Input

This function provides the user with a possibility to enter numeric values for a more precise drawing or editing the elements.


This function snaps the cursor to definite positions of a created or edited object to some other elements of the drawing.


Tracking lines help to place objects relative to other elements. Tracking mode is a part of snap and works together with it.

Fast Entities Input

This function allows to create several entities of one type successively.


This function switches on/off a rectangular grid of points located on a definite distance from each other, it allows changing the grid step and view.


This function switches on/off the mode of orthogonal drawing. When this function is on editing the objects with the help of the modifying instruments and creating linear entities are fulfilled strictly horizontally or vertically along the plane XY.

Polar Tracking

This function allows creating and moving entities with precise angle affixment.

Means of Editing

It is possible to edit objects in CADEditorX in several ways: with the help of tools, with the help of the mouse and via the panel Properties.

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