CAD .NET. Avaliações de clientes

CAD VCL Review by Sebastian May, Germany

We have been using the CAD Import VCL library for many years to visualize 2D building and floor plans in our software product. Our customers value the support of the newest CAD formats and fast and accurate display of their drawings. As a developer, I am happy about customizable sources and fast support of desired changes and improvements. CAD Importer is a mature and easy-to-use library that is continuously developed.

Sebastian May,
tripunkt GmbH,

Francesco Faleschini, Italy (CAD VCL Enterprise)

My team has experienced Delphi Developers. On a project we had to generate dxf files programmatically so we searched for a good CAD VCL Delphi Component. We used the CADSoftTools "CAD VCL Enterprise" component. The component is really professional and the support team is outstanding, it has been supporting my team in an excellent way. The achieved result was exactly as per specifications. I am very satisfied. CadSoftTools is and will be my one stop shop for CAD Development.

Francesco Faleschini, R&D Manager
Nord Est Systems srl, Italy

PARO Software, Netherlands

We’ve been using the CAD VCL tool for a long time in our software for importing and exporting .dxf and .dwg files. It’s a great tool, quick and easy to use. Together with the excellent support by the CADSoftTools team, fast e-mail response and helpful demos, we are very pleased using CAD VCL.

PARO Software,

Bernhard Piller (CAD Import VCL)

We had the need to offer our customers a product that was able to search through multiple maps in a directory for a specific label, to open up the drawing, highlight the label and zoom on it. The VIEWER example from CadSoftTool was our starting point and with a few lines of our own code, the project was done. It's really simple.

Bernhard Piller,

Andrei Chesaru, Netherlands (CAD Import VCL)

We have been using the CAD Import VCL components since 2009. We selected the library based on: - its painless integration with our codebase (no additional libraries required) - the availability of source code (troubleshooting is relatively easy) - transparent support for both DXF and DWG. The library is primarily used for our 2D AutoCAD importing facilities, a task which it handles very well and without excessive amounts of custom code on our side. Its API is clear and predictable, giving access to the information we need for our purposes.

Andrei Chesaru, Manager Development,
Plaxis bv

Pascal Eynard (CAD VCL Enterprise)

I’ve been using this component since 2008. It allows the clients of my electrical software WinRelais to import DXF symbol files of equipment manufacturers and to export circuit diagrams.

Its integration with Delphi is very simple and the documentation is complete. In case of issues, the forum and the technical support have always efficiently answered my questions. This component allows full and easy access to the DXf file structure. The tested freeware components don’t allow this and are not enough "professional". Up to now, I haven’t found out the limits of this component.

Reading of DXF files has never caused a problem for my clients. Whatever the origin and version of a DXF file. I have never had any complaints about this.

I’m also using DXF export. Initially, i used to write myself in the TStringList component (DXF is text) but DXF format is very difficult! It is easier and faster to use this component by CADSoftTools. I don’t have to understand DXF format syntax any more. Besides, it exports to DXF and DWG: Thus, my end users can choose.

So, I continue using CAD VCL Entreprise component by CADSoftTools. Even if the price might seem high, there’s high quality and service. At last, this component allowed my software WinRelais to become "professional".

Pascal EYNARD / Developer / France
Software WinRelay, the English version: