ABViewer Review by Vasily Patoka, Russia

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ABViewer Review by Vasily Patoka, Russia

Customer: Your ABViewer is a great alternative to professional software for drafting as there is often no need to use all their features and the most frequently and constantly used ones are available in your software.

CADSoftTools: What do you use ABViewer for?

Customer: We use ABViewer to edit drawings, in particular in combination with the measurement tools of your software; to draw the necessary sketches; to cut and copy the needed part of a drawing to other documents and applications; to effect tiled printing of large images by printing them on separate sheets of paper as tiles that can be later arranged to form a single drawing.

CADSoftTools: What file formats do you open in ABViewer?

Customer: We use ABViewer to work with DWG, DXF, CGM and other vector and raster files like TIFF and JPEG etc.

CADSoftTools: Thank you.

The questions on ABViewer were answered by
Vasily Patoka,
Combustion engine test leader,