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The Options button calls the Options dialog box.

Quick Access Panel: Ico_Options

Ribbon: File -> Open

Menu: Tools -> Options

Hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+F11


All the settings except customizing the ribbon are in this dialog box. In the left part it has a search field. The dialog box consists of the following tabs:

Common. This tab allows to select a language and a program style, to set the usage of file templates.

Converting settings. This tab offers to fulfill preliminary settings of saving and copying  into raster formats and metafiles.

Measure. This tab contains the settings for the measure tools. It allows to change drawing's units and set a scale factor.

Visualization. This tab contains settings that influence the display of the drawing in the program window like splitting parameters for arcs and splines, lineweight options, border around CAD images and rotating parameter for HPGL files.

Proxy server. This tab allows configuring the proxy server.

Fonts. This tab allows to perform SHX fonts settings.

Cursor. This tab contains settings of the cursor outlook.

Snap. This tab contains settings for Snap, Polar tracking and Ortho modes.

Grid. This tab contains settings for the mode Grid.

Redline. This tab contains Redline settings.

Associations. This tab contains the list of the file extensions which CADEditorX supports. It allows to specify the formats which will be opened in CADEditorX by default.

Loading/Saving. This tab allows to manage comments added to the file.

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