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Redline is an auxiliary mode for CADEditorX. It allows creating, editing and saving markups that overlay the current CAD file. These markups contain marks, notes etc. made by the user. The main drawing is unavailable for editing, it is possible only to scale and to scroll it.

In the Redline mode all the instruments of drawing and editing are available, snap to the elements of the main drawing is active. There is no access to the list of layers of the main drawing in the mode Redline, only the layers used in the file of markups are shown. Markups are saved in a separate DXF file, which is overlaid over the main drawing.

The commands over the redline files available in the Redline mode are situated under the tab Advanced > Redline.

oNew Ico_RedlineNew creates a new Redline file. The work in the Redline mode always begins with pressing this button. After that the borders of the drawing area are marked with a red rectangle.

oLoad Redline Ico_RedlineLoad loads a previously saved Redline file. By default the Redline file consists of the file name with an addition "$$Model.DXF" in the end. This menu item opens the standard Open file dialog window. Redline markup file is a dxf file with a simple set of entities. Redline files are usually stored in a special folder which is created automatically.

oSave Redline Ico_RedlineSave opens the standard Save As dialog box. The file can be saved into AutoCAD 200 DXF or AutoCAD 204 DXF. The name of the Redline markup file for saving consists by default of the name of current CAD file and an addition "$$Model.dxf". For example, the name of the Redline file containing markups for "Test.dxf" file will be "Test.$$Model.dxf" by default. It is not recommended to change the default name of the Redline file. CADEditorX loads Redline markup automatically for every opened CAD file. If Redline markup name was changed during the saving procedure, the application may fail to load the markup automatically afterward. It will be necessary to load the Redline file with an altered name manually using Load Redline button.

oHide Redline [Ctrl + H] Ico_RedlineHide hides/shows Redline markup over the drawing. If the Redline file was loaded earlier it is not closed when switching to another mode. This command also allows to view or hide markups in the Viewer and Editor modes.


To switch to the mode Redline in the ribbon press the button ico_mode in the top right corner and choose Redline from the list.

To switch to the mode Redline in the classical CADEditorX menu select Tools > Mode > Redline or select Redline in the drop down list on the toolbar Mode.

In the Redline mode the working area of the window will be marked with a red frame. When switching to the mode the two commands New and Load To start the work in the Redline mode you need to create a redline file or load an existing one with the help of the corresponding commands.


Note: In the classical CADEditorX menu the commands of managing redline files are situated on the toolbar Redline which is shown automatically after switching to this mode.

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