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The Explode button breaks connections between entities inside of a complex object (block).

Quick Access Panel: Ico_Explode

Ribbon: Editor -> Instruments -> Explode

Menu: Tools -> Modify -> Explode


All entities inside the block having properties (color, linetype etc.) equal to By Block may change them when using Explode tool.


Create a new drawing: select File -> New.

Add a simple set of entities:


set the Color and the LineWeight properties for spline equal to By Block

select the entities to be added as a block using Ctrl + A keys or using the mouse (click over entities with the Shift key pressed);

press the Copy ico_Copy button (Edit -> Copy) to copy the selected entities to the Clipboard;

press the Paste as Block ico_pasteAsBlock button (Edit -> Paste as Block) to paste the copied entities as block;

set the block properties as Color - Purple, Line Weight - 1,58:


as a result the color and the lineweight of the spline have changed according to the set block properties

select the new block and press the Explode Ico_Explode button (Editor Tab -> Instruments -> Explode):


the spline gets its original properties and the entities can be moved separately which was impossible when they were united into a block.

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