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Save as PDF

While exporting the current file to PDF, the PDF Export Options dialog box appears in which you can configure conversion settings.

To export a file to PDF, do the following:

1.Create a new file or open an existing one that must be saved to PDF.

2.On the File tab, select the Save as command or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.

3.In the opened standard Save as dialog box choose the directory to save the file to; for File name, type the output file name; for Save as type, select Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf).

4.In the Save as dialog box, click OK.

5.The PDF Export Options dialog box will appear.

6.Change the settings if required. Click OK to save the file.

Note: please take into account the fact that while exporting files to PDF, the image is fit to the specified page size with allowance for margins on the larger side. Thus, to get the drawing in the 1:1 format, in the PDF Export Options window, specify Custom size of the file that is equal to the drawing sizes and select zero width margins.


PDF Export Options

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