Save as HPGL/2

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Save as HPGL/2

Saving a drawing as HPGL/2 you will have several options to choose from considering the output you would like to get.

After selecting the menu option 'Save' or 'Save as...' with HPGL/2 selected as the export format you will see the following window appear:



It specifies size parameters of the drawing (image) to be converted to HPGL/2 file format.

HPGL/2 units - defines the number and type of output parameters:



Units of original drawing - defines a portion of input drawing's units respective to the specified HPGL/2 units parameter:


Some applications are very sensitive to the contents of HPGL/2 files. For example if source CAD file contains a spline, after converting to HPGL/2 this spline thill get zigzag outline. HPGL/2 Export options dialog allows to overcome this trouble. It is necessary to set maximum available correspondence of the drawing units to its output size.

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