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Offset ico_offset provides you with a convenient means of positioning of an element of a drawing relative to other parts of the drawing. The tool can be applied in case of creating elements of the drawing on the given distance from the set point. As a set point the objects of the drawing can be used. It is permissive to set the exact coordinates of the set point in the XY plane in the dynamic input mode. The command is available fron the context menu at the moment of creating an element.



Using Offset While Creating Elements


The activation of the function will temporally stop drawing of a chosen element and will offer the user to set the offset point in the drawing. The point is set by the click of the left button of the mouse in a needed position. After that the direction is set with the help of the mouse cursor and the length by which the object is to be offset is specified in the dynamic input form or by the mouse click. Pressing Enter sets the cursor into the established position and restarts the drawing if it is not the last point of the object.


For example. You wish to offset the line entity.

1.Select the instrument Ico_Line Line [Editor -> Draw -> Line].

2.Specify the first point of the entity with the left mouse click.

3.Right click and select the command Offset.

4.With the help of the left mouse button specify the set point relative to which the second point of the created line must be.

5.A witness line beginning at the set point will appear.

6.Enter the distance of offset in the field Length of the dynamic input field.

7.Press Tab to confirm the value and Enter to finish the offset operation.

8.The line will be drawn and the second point of the line will be at a given distance from the set point.


Note: The Offset tool is unavailable for editing objects. To move created objects use the commands Copy Object and Move.


Double Offset

Diagonal Offset

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