How To

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How To

The most important functions that can be implemented with the help of CAD XML API are described in this section.

How to Create and Process XML

How to get layers, text style, etc.

How to get information on added entities

How to access functionality that is implemented in CADEditorX / ABViewer via XML

How to customize tab and panels

How to add line, text, block, layer, etc.

What should be used as entity ID

How to catch events

How to add picture

How to add Hatch, filled rectangle or circle

How to access CAD data from drawing

How to ask for confirmation before a deletion

How to work with editor instruments “move”, “rotate”, “scale”, etc. from XML?

How to work with commands with dialogs: open, save, findtext, etc

How to check if the drawing was changed

How to renew trial period

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