How to add Hatch, filled rectangle or circle

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How to add Hatch, filled rectangle or circle

Filled figures are implemented in the Hatch class that is created via the CreateHatch instruction. Also, this can be linear hatched. Please refer to the CreateHatch examples.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- Description: Instruction CREATEHATCH creates Hatch using selecte entities as countours. Please select entity by mouse or by xml Instruction SELECT before calling this Instruction. -->
     <createhatch Hatchname="" Angle="" PatternScale="" Color=""/>
     Hatchname - string - name of Hatch, default is "SOLID" which creates a solid hatch. Other names: "Box", "Escher" and others can be found in Hatch dialog in user interface.
     Angle - Double - rotation angle of hatch
     PatternScale - Double - scale of hatch's pattern
     Color - sring CADSoftTools color structure - color as index or RGB
<cadsofttools version="2.0">
  <!-- Create simple rectangular Solid Hatch. Handle of polyline is saved as "@1" -->
     <cstLWPolyline HandleSave="@1">
          <cstVertex Point="140,100,0"/>
          <cstVertex Point="141,100,0"/>
          <cstVertex Point="141,103,0"/>
          <cstVertex Point="140,103,0"/>
 <!-- Select polyline -->
 <Select Handle="@1"/>
 <!-- Create hatch -->
 <UnSelect Handle="@1"/>
 <!-- Create polyline for Hatch, -->
   <cstLWPolyline HandleSave="@2">
   <cstVertex Point="141,109,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="142,112,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="143,109,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="147,109,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="144,107,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="145,105,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="142,107,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="141,105,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="141,107,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="138,108,0"/>
   <cstVertex Point="141,109,0"/>
   <!-- Select polyline -->
 <Select Handle="@2"/>
   <!-- Create hatch -->
 <createhatch hatchname="BOX" Angle="30" PatternScale="0.1" Color="0;34;"/>
 <UnSelect Handle="@2"/>
 <!-- Create and select some countours for creating hatch. -->
   <cstLine point="120,120,0" point1="130,130,0" Color="0;3;" HandleSave="@3"/>
   <cstLine point="120,120,0" point1="130,110,0" Color="0;3;" HandleSave="@4"/>
   <cstLine point="130,110,0" point1="130,130,0" Color="0;3;" HandleSave="@5"/>
   <cstCircle point="100,100,0" radius="10" Color="0;3;" HandleSave="@6"/>
   <!-- Select contours -->
 <Select Handle="@3"/>
 <Select Handle="@4"/>
 <Select Handle="@5"/>
 <Select Handle="@6"/>
 <createhatch hatchname="SOLID" Color="0;3;"/>
 <UnSelect Handle="@3"/>
 <UnSelect Handle="@4"/>
 <UnSelect Handle="@5"/>
 <UnSelect Handle="@6"/>
 <fittosize />

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