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The Line button allows to draw a straight line.

Quick Access Panel: Ico_Line

Ribbon: Editor -> Draw -> Line

Menu: Draw -> Line


To add a line

1. Click on the button Ico_Line .

2. Click to set the first point or enter its coordinates via the dynamic input.

3. Drag the pointer to draw the line.

4. Specify the end point. Click when done.


A line had a set of properties that can be viewed and edited in the Properties panel.




Defines the color of the line.


Defines the layer which the line belongs to. The property contains a list of all available in the drawing layers and allows to move the line to another layer.

Line Weight

Defines the lineweight. Is selected from the standard values. You can turn the function of showing the lines according to their lineweight on or off. Each lineweight value corresponds to a number of pixels on the screen. The number of these pixels isn't changed while scaling in the program window. The scale of lineweighht display on the screen is set in the Visualization tab of the Options window.


Defines the linetype. Is selected from the standard values.

Linetype scale

Sets the scale for the current linetype. By default it is 1.


Sets the angle of obliquity between the line and the axis OX on the trigonomeric circle. The direction of the axis X from the first point of the line is accepted as the beginning for the angle reading. Angle reading is performed counterclockwise.


Sets the length of the line. While measuring the value of the line length the starting point stays still (the first point), while the end point moves in the direction of the line according to the length value.


Sets the coordinates of the starting point of the line.

Point 1

Sets the coordinates of the end point of the line.



Properties Panel

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