ABViewer 9.1

ABViewer 9.1

CADSoftTools is pleased to announce the release of ABViewer 9.1 - a new version of 2D/3D CAD viewer, editor and converter.

The new version is available for download at the following links:

ABViewer 9.1 32-bit
ABViewer 9.1 64-bit

Here is a list of new features that were included into ABViewer 9.1:

  • Viewing and measuring of 3D files: STEP, IGES, STL, ASIS SAT and BREP;
  • Export to AutoCAD® DWG file format;
  • XML-based API via DDE technology;
  • Compare Files option;
  • The Command Line with support of LISP functions;
  • Display of plot settings and their use for printing;
  • Georeferencing  (sheet coordinates are replaced with geo coordinates);
  • Built-in LISP debugger;
  • Batch Print is improved;
  • Dimension Styles for Measurements.

For more information about the product, please, visit the product page or contact us by e-mail: info@cadsofttools.com

We will be glad to answer all your questions concerning technical capabilities, improvements and license options. We truly appreciate any feedback on this question.

Thank you very much for dealing with our company and for your time!

With best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team
SoftGold Ltd.