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Sobre nós

The CADSoftTools company was founded in 2000. We develop software that helps users work effectively with drawings, diagrams, plans, 3D models, and other types of vector files. As we understand that these files are used in different areas of life and people face different tasks, we offer:

CAD Applications

Ready-made applications

that support a large number of 2D and 3D formats and have all the main features.

api, sdk, dll

Libraries for developers

that enable to add CAD functionality to any application or workflow.


Free online services

that help out when one needs to view CAD files or convert PDF files to DWG.



that enable to view CAD files in IrfanView, XNView, and Total Commander.

In addition, our company builds custom solutions tailored to specific needs of our customers. Know more

100+thousands of customers
23years of experience

All our software is based on our own unique CAD kernel. This makes us completely independent of any third-party and allows to respond swiftly to customers' requests and provide high-quality support.

Founder of CADSoftTools

Our solutions help thousands of people and companies around the world. And it is an amazing feeling when the result of your work can be used at the other end of the globe. That is why we use advanced technologies, rigorous mathematical tools and, of course, love for what we do.

Dmitry Sidorkin, Founder and CEO

Speaking about the customer support, we know how important it is to get it quickly. Our specialists assist immediately in the live chat, answer by email, and on the forum. They are also ready to have a remote control session if a customer needs additional help.

For our team, the geographical boundaries don’t matter. Today we have customers in more than 120 countries and do our best to make their user experience more friendly. That is why we have translated our applications in 38 languages and our website in 14 languages. And don’t plan to stop there.

The team is proud that our software is used by large companies like Samsung, Boeing, and Hitachi Power. However, we respect and value all our customers, whether it be a single user, start-up or enterprise. We offer a flexible licensing policy that can fit every customer and make our prices reasonable.

The CADSoftTools company looks to continue evolving and growing and we want to thank all the customers for choosing us!