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In CADEditorX, you can access the drawing structure with the help of XML-interface. The software package includes a Delphi demo application that interacts with CADEditorX with the help of DDE technology. The command XML IDE runs the file XML_IDE.exe, that is stored in the folder with the software installed.

An ActiveX version of ABViewer – CADEditorX software – works with XML via COM function and has examples in C#, Delphi, VB, VC++ and HTML.



The demo application shows the way objects can be added, edited and deleted as well as demonstrates getting the structure of the drawing in XML. To perform a certain action, please, select the input XML file in the list and click Run to process it.

Note: XML demo examples should be run in the following order: Add.xml, Apply.xml and so on.

Add.xml demonstrates adding new objects to the current drawing.
Apply.xml selects an entity with the specified handle and modifies its properties.
Delete.xml deletes the entities with certain handles.
Get.xml displays the structure of the current drawing in XML.

After the installation, initial XML files are placed into the xml folder, that is stored in the directory with the software installed.

File Name



Demonstrates adding new objects to the current drawing.


Demonstrates modifying properties of the selected entities. Objects are selected with the help of the command Select by their handle.


Demonstrates adding custom items to the context menu.


Demonstrates deleting objects with the stated handles from the drawing.


Returns the structure of the current drawing in XML format.


Displays information on the element with the stated handle.


Displays the handles of the selected objects.


Manages the visibility of the ribbon.


Demonstrates loading the specified file into the program window.


Demonstrates selecting an object in the drawing by its handle.


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