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What's new

November, 2022

CADEditorX 15

Improved software performance:

owork with large files improved;

onavigation speeded up;

oopening of 3D files and interaction with their structure speeded up.

Replacement of the Open Cascade Technology with our own 3D kernel:

oopening of 3D files speeded up;

oreading of SAT, SLDPRT, X_T, X_B, OBJ file formats improved;

osupport of FSAT, SAB, SMT, IPT, IFC file formats added;

oexport to SAT and SAB formats added;

oexport of STEP, OBJ, DWG, DXF file formats improved.

Improved DWG/DXF to G-code conversion:

ocapability to convert entities only from the visible layers;

oconversion of points;

osetting of absolute coordinates for I and J;

ogeneration of G-code compatible with the dispensing CNC machine (Skyglass);

ogeneration of G-code compatible with the Grbl controller.

New feature­—Layout Detector.

New editing tools and capabilities:

othe 3D Point measuring tool added;

othe Auto Dimension tool added;

othe Cloud tool added;

ocapability to remove clipping in raster images and inserts added;

othe setting enabling to configure the default operator in Quick Select added;

othe setting enabling to select OLE objects and images by their contour added;

othe setting enabling to select entities on the locked layers added.

Improved DWG and DXF import:

osupport of the MTexts and Texts entities improved;

osupport of the Hatch entity improved;

odisplay of SHX fonts improved;

oACIS objects support improved;

osupport of the Dimension and Multileader entities improved;

oreading of VPort and drawing overall dimensions improved.

Improved DWG and DXF export:

osaving of ACIS objects added;

osaving of VPort improved.

Improved display of vector formats (DWF, HPGL, CGM, SVG).

Improved SVG export:

otext and hatch export improved.

Improved interaction with the 3D model structure:

ointeraction with the structure speeded up;

othe Extended structure setting added;

omodes for selection of 3D model elements added.

Improved navigation in the 3D Viewer mode:

oobject selection in accordance with the transparency;

orotation around the center of the selected object;

ofitting to the viewing area in accordance with the 3D model elements visibility.

Improved PDF export and printing:

oprint styles for setting lineweight and color by color added.

Bug fixes.

April, 2020

CADEditorX 14.1

Improved display of DWG and DXF files

Support of Parasolid formats (*.x_t, *.x_b) and SolidWorks formats (*.sldprt)

Export to IGES, STEP and BREP file formats

New mode of the Distance tool allowing to measure the distance between two parallel edges or two circle centers

Savings of measurements performed on 3D models in a separate file

Saving of a 3D section view as a separate STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ or BREP file

Highlighting of 3D model edges created by a section plane

High-quality automatic regeneration of objects.

New interface of G-code generation from DWG and DXF files

Improved performance of the subprogram ‘Thumbnails’

December, 2018

CADEditorX 14

Improved display of 3D files:

ocreating a section view of 3D models;

onew mode of surface display: Hidden lines;

otool to adjust a level of transparency of a 3D model;

o3D object visualization options: Edges, Wireframe, Surface;

odisplay of a 3D model bounding box and its overall dimensions;

oSTEP to IGES/IGES to STEP converter;

oanti-aliasing in 3D modes;

oimproved reading of SAT, OBJ and STL files.

Improved import of DWG and DXF files:

oadded support of annotative objects;

oadded reading of hyperlinks for entities;

oimproved Insert support;

oimproved Clipping support;

oimproved Texts and MTexts support;

oimproved display of SHX fonts;

ospeeded up loading of DXF files;

Export to AutoCAD DWG 2010.

Improved export of PDF files:

oadded saving of fonts;

oadded option for saving to raster PDF files.

Improved work via XML API:

oXData support. Extended Entity Data (EED) handling via XML;

oprogrammatic file comparison;

oprogrammatic merging of many DXF files to one PDF file;

ocreating an arc based on three points and gradient hatch via XML;

omodification of dimension texts via XML;

oreading/recording of Layout.Plotsettings via XML;

oextended information output on the Get command;

Other improvements:

oadded option for automatic regeneration;

oimproved import of DWF, HPGL, CGM and SVG files;

oextended features of G-code generation from DWG and DXF files;

oimproved comparison of DWG and DXF files: new comparison settings and capability to print out results of comparison;

ooptimized batch conversion of files;

onew mode of grid displaying;

oobject layer map allowing to automatically adjust distribution of entities by layers;

oimproved import of DWF, HPGL, CGM and SVG files;

osnap mode in inserts;

Bug fixes.

May, 2017

CADEditorX 12

Import of AutoCAD® DWG 2018

DWG/DXF to G-code conversion

February, 2016

CADEditorX 11

Measuring of STP and IGES files

Export to DWG 2004

Loading of custom line types

Support of Big SHX Fonts (for Asian characters)

New Align tool

New Pan tool

The OnMeasure event that outputs measuring results as XML is added

The Getcadcoords instruction that converts screen coordinates into the drawing coordinates is added

Parameters for the Comparefiles command added

New system variables added:

oGetCommandStatus returns the on/off command status as XML;

oPOLARANG sets the angle interval for polar tracking;

oExportJPEGQuality and ExportJPEGSmoothing set quality and smoothing during export to JPG.

New commands added:

oZoomAtPoint is used to scale the current file and allows setting the scrolling distance per mouse wheel scroll;

oShowScrollbar hides the scroll bars;

oMovePicture offsets the drawing at the distance specified in screen coordinates;

oSetWindowState sets the drawing window display order;

oUnionEdges checks whether the outline is closed; if there is a break, it draws an interconnecting line;

oHideAllInterface hides all interface elements;

oConvertToPolyline transforms objects into a 2D polyline.

The capability of setting the background color via XML API with the BackgroundColor command is added

EMF export to DWG and DXF improved

The dynamic input while switching tasks in MFC fixed

The XML output information of the TsgDXFStyle object fixed

Batch Print greatly improved

The setting that saves  each layout of a multipage file into a separate file in Batch is added

Work under Windows 8 and Windows 10 improved

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