Using the Help System

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Using the Help System

CADEditorX help is very useful, but to use it effectively you need to spend a little time learning how it is organized. To call the help system press the icon ico_help in the top right part of the program. If you click on the black down directed arrow next to the icon you will see the drop down menu. The help menu consists of:

Help -> CADEditorX Help... [F1 hotkey] menu item opens CADEditorX online help.

Help -> Register CADEditorX menu item opens CADEditorX registration dialog box.

Floating License Registration menu item calls 'Floating License' dialog.

Check Updates allows setting auto checking for new versions.

About calls About window.

The help system consists of several tabs: Table of contents, Index, Search and Bookmark.

To browse through the topics choose the tab Table of contents.

To open a chapter with the iconico_bookand display the topics it contains click ico_plus on the left of the chapter icon. The icon will turn into the following one: ico_book2

You can search for some information using the Index tab or the Search tab. The results of the search are displayed as links below the search field. Click a link to display the topic. You can use special symbols to make your search query more successful. The symbol * replaces one or more characters in a word. Thus, frag* will find the topic Fragment. The symbol ? replaces one character in the word. The symbol "" with some text in between will find an exact phrase with the same words in the same order.

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