Switching between the opened files

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Switching between the opened files

All the opened files are located like bookmarks under the ribbon. To switch between the opened files select the name of the file with the left mouse button. To switch between the files you can also use the combination Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab or the group of commands Switch window in the Advanced tab in the Window section.


Allows switching between the opened files. Switches to the previous opened file.


Allows switching between the opened files. Switches to the next opened file.

Switch window

Displays the list of loaded in the program window files. There is a tick opposite to the name of the current file. Allows switching  to the selected window.


To arrange the windows in the working area quickly and conveniently there is a group of commands Windows position, which is available from the section Window of the Advanced tab.



arranges the windows cascading.

Tile Horizontally

arranges the windows vertically stacked.

Tile Vertically

arranges the windows side by side

Minimize all

hides all the windows.


arranges windows.

Full Screen

shows the window in its full size

Ctrl + W

closes the active window.

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