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In CADEditorX print of the drawings can be implemented in several ways. All the opportunities of printing are presented in the section Conversion and Print. In this section we'll take a look at the most interesting of them:

Multipage Printing

Sometimes a need to print out a drawing of a bigger format arises but there is only a standard A4 printer. To solve this problem ABViewer has a special tool Multiple print ("mosaic" printing) available in the tab Output.

"Mosaic" printing enables the user to print out images to any number of pages of different format with the required scale. For example large images (A0, A1 etc.) can be divided into a large number of small units ready to the further patching into the whole leaf. Any element of the "mosaic" can be printed out independently from others. So, if one page turns out to be damaged (e.g. due to problems with the printer), you can print out repeatedly only this page.


More details on multiple printing.


Batch Print

CADEditorX enables the user to carry out printing of a group of files with the help of different output devices and different settings. This option is very convenient for work with a large number of files. At the first stage the list of files is created, then layouts for printing are selected, the output device and paper format are specified. Moreover, a separate output device can be specified for each page.


Image 9. Dialog box Batch Print


Printing settings are specified for each layout. There is an access to the parameters of layouts and layers. It is possible to turn on text and size visibility, adjust color scheme of the drawing. The carried out changes are not saved to the file. More details in the section Batch Print.

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