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The Explorer function allows to show or hide the panel Explorer.

Quick Access Panel: Ico_Explorer

Ribbon: Advanced -> Window -> Explorer

Menu: View -> Explorer


It is a dockable, resizable window that displays the hierarchical structure of drives, folders and files of supported formats on your computer. It also shows any network drives that have been mapped to drive letters on your computer. To open file from the Explorer panel, simply double-click on its name. Files are sorted by name in the order of ANSI coding. Right click over the name of the file calls the contextual menu, which has two commands:

Properties. Calls the window "File Information" for the file, the contextual menu for which was called. The window has two tabs: File and CAD Image. Under the tab File you will see the name, the path, the size, the date of creation and modification of the file. Under the tab CAD Image one can find information about the number of entities, current text and dimension style and some others. It is not necessary to load the file in the program window.

Refresh. Refreshes the contents of the directory, which contains the file, displaying all the changes in the tree. The command Refresh from the contextual menu of a folder refreshes the contents of this folder.


Managing the floating panels

The window "File Information"

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