Color Scheme

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Color Scheme

CADEditorX has a group of commands allowing to change the color scheme of the drawing and the background color. By default after installing the program all the drawing are opened against the white background in a color mode. Changing these settings is saved even after closing the program.


Commands in the Ribbon


ico_bandwdrawing The B/W drawing button (Viewer tab-> CAD Image) redraws loaded CAD file in black and white (when the button is on) or with all available colors (when the button is off). The mode is useful when it is necessary to print the drawing with a black and white printer. This will fulfill the operation without distorting the lineweight and intensity of the color.

ico_blackbackground The Black Background button (Viewer tab-> CAD Image) displays the CAD file on the black background with white default color for entities.

ico_background color The Background Color button (Viewer tab-> CAD Image) allows defining a custom color of the background. Selecting the command calls the standard dialog box Color where the color is chosen.


Commands in the Classical Menu

The commands can be found under the menu CAD files and the toolbar CAD files.

ico_colour_dr The Draw all colors command redraws loaded CAD file with all available colors.

ico_drawinbl The Draw in black command redraws loaded CAD file in Black-and-White mode. Advice: use Black-and-White mode for printing if you use Black-and-White printer and want to have all the lines with the same width and intensity.

ico_custom back The Custom Background command draws CAD file on the custom background with black default color for entities. To choose the custom background use CAD files -> Change Background Color menu command.

ico_blackback The Black Background and White entities by default command displays the CAD file on the black background with White default color for entities.

ico_choose background The Change Background Color command allows defining a custom color of the background.

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