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What CAD VCL versions are available?

There are two versions of CAD VCL:

  • CAD VCL. You can use CAD VCL to create Windows VCL applications.
  • CAD VCL Multiplatform. You can use CAD VCL Multiplatform to create multi-device applications that depend on FireMonkey framework. The package contains demo examples for win32, win64, OSX64, Linux64, iOSDevice64, and Android64.

What license editions are available?

You can find CAD VCL and CAD VCL Multiplatform license editions and their features in the table.

CAD VCL editions and their features

Source code*
Access to drawings data
Editing of drawings
Creating of drawings
Export to raster formats
Export to vector formats
DWG/DXF to G-code

*3D-related components are delivered as DCU.

For more information about the correspondence between CAD VCL modules and their editions, please see the table in CAD VCL Online Help.

How to upgrade my CAD VCL version?

We actively develop and support CAD VCL. Our teams are committed to adding new features and improving the current version, as well as troubleshooting problems as they arise. You can find the list of CAD VCL changes in the What's new section of the CAD VCL help.
If you are using an older version, we recommend upgrading it. Contact our support via email to get more information and upgrade your CAD .VCL version.